Why is this generator better than some other? How do I know it is right for my usage? Can you tell me why I would buy yours as opposed to some other product out there? (Data applies to all MG 1000 models through the 3500 series and the all new pro-series)

QUESTION: We find this machine looks simple, does not have timer or dials, other machines have a lot of dials, knobs and lights etc. They seem to be much more sophisticated. Is there really any reason that you don’t have all these bells and whistles on your device? How can I be getting my money’s worth when you only have two switches?

OXYTECH: We don’t want to do what everyone else does just because it looks good. Traditionally our clients are older people and if we gave them 50 options to choose from they will never use the machine, that is disservice. We believe our customers prefer our machines for the simplicity of use and the results they get. We calibrated these units for certain output(s) for the benefit of our clients. Dials and knobs, although pretty, are not really necessary and they add more money to the cost. Most people are only concerned with the business end, that is, they want the result.  Why pay for what you will never use? Besides, most people can’t program their new high tech electronics, why would you want to make anything more difficult than it has to be. Many of our customers are ill and do not have the energy or patience to fiddle with complex or minute adjustments etc. However, if you have a need for this, we can accommodate you. Many times, we build to your specifications. If you need a unit with control dial, we will make one for you and provide you with the applicable chart.

QUESTION: But, can this unit really be used for all the many purposes like water, air, ozonated olive oil, steam sauna and the like? I say this because I notice some manufacturers have so many different models, they seem to have one for every single application.

OXYTECH: Yes, that is true. Our generator has and is being used for everything we can think of.

QUESTION: Some so-called experts have said that any machine like yours cannot run continuously for more than thirty minutes, that you need an industrial strength machine, or one that costs a lot more money, etc. What do you have to say about that?

ANSWER: Everyone is trying to sell their own product or service so you always have to take that into account. We do not bad mouth other people's products and you might question those who do as to their motives and even integrity that they feel the need to do so. We personally have made ozonated olive oil with our machine which necessitates it running all the time for up to three weeks! The wattage or power is very low and it does not over heat. You see, the advantage of simplicity is that very little can go wrong. Our product is made to last and, when used with ambient air, is meant to be able to run for long periods. How else would you clean up the air in an entire house or office etc? We are proud of our machine and would ask you to question the honesty of anyone who would knock someone else's product in such a manner. Can they really be so much of an expert if they comment on what they do not know?


QUESTION: So, then, what kind of materials do you use? I know you use a high impact plastic for your casing.

OXYTECH: Yes we do, it is light yet strong. We use silicon tubing and kynar luer lock because there is no erosion or decomposition from ozone. This is very important not only because it lasts so long, but because there are no break down products from the ozone.

QUESTION: Don’t all manufacturers use these materials?

OXYTECH: No. Some we have seen use PVC tubing. It has a tell tale yellowish hue from the breakdown and ozone can interact with it. Also, silicon tubing has the highest rating for longevity. Practically this means you have one less component in your generator that can wear out or break. This type of tubing is expensive, but it eliminates many servicing issues.

QUESTION: What about power usage?

OXYTECH: Our generator is very efficient. It actually uses 8-15 watts depends on the model. Your standard light bulb uses 75 or 100 watts. So you see it is very low in power. And, what this means is that there is little or no heat. Now heat is the enemy of ozone because it accelerates the breakdown of ozone. It also helps create nitric acid and the other nitrous compounds that are associated with high frequency, high heat generators. Also, the only thing the ozone touches in our generators is glass and stainless steel, so there is no contamination. It stays cool and so produces close to zero nitrous compounds with normal atmosphere. If you are using an oxygen cylinder then of course there is only pure ozone/oxygen anyway.

QUESTION: Why does your machine have a pump?

OXYTECH: We get that a lot. Well, there are a lot of things that you are going to do with this machine that do not require pure oxygen from a tank. For example, if you are going to be doing ozonated water or even ozonated olive oil, or you just want to clean your vegetables (what with this Hep A lettuce scare we just had), or you want to do the steam sauna, etc. there is no reason to use pure oxygen.

QUESTION: Or clean the cigarette smoke out of the air.

OXYTECH: Yes, or even clean up the dog smell. You can think of lots of applications. Just remember, organic material will eventually breakdown with ozone, so if you use it on shoes or clothes, you only need a little. If you are using pure oxygen for that....this machine with the pump, will save you money! And, that is only if you use it an hour per day. This is based on 4 liters per minute. Can you imagine what it would cost if you used it more?

QUESTION: That is hard to believe.

OXYTECH: Oh yes. An E tank will fill for about $20.00 depending on where you are. At 4 liters a minute it has 160 minutes. At that rate your tank will be depleted every two days! Most people are using the machine for 2 to 3 hours per day for one thing or another. How many oxygen tanks will you use?


QUESTION: How strong is this pump?

OXYTECH: It is 4 liters per minute. Of course, this is the best little pump we could find. It is really a little workhorse and should give years of service. It is also super efficient.

QUESTION: What about service? That is what is important to me.

OXYTECH: Yes, before, during and after the sale, you can call and talk to a real person. The worst that can happen is you are going to leave a message and have someone call you back within 24 hours. That way if you have a question, concern or suggestion we listen to you. Try to call someone else who sold you a generator, or even send them an email and see how long it takes to get a response or answer. We believe this is a people business. We are not talking about a bicycle or a food processor....we are talking about something people are going to use for their health, their lives and their family. We believe we should be responsive for us to be in this business. If you have questions not covered here or on our site, (see FAQ or Layman’s Overview, etc.) then please send them to us at CONTACT US. Here is wishing you the best possible Health. From us to you!

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