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“QUESTION: "So, what do I do? I don’t want me or my family to chance it with a flu shot (or maybe anything else see Gulf War Article ). I have heard nasty things about what some of these vaccines have had in them in the past (like the polio vaccine for one) and even now, (mercury compound). I know the medical establishment has a vested interest in not creating a panic, but what is the truth? See CRITICAL ARTICLE ON VACCINES I want an alternative approach. I have heard some new epidemic like Bird Flu might be just around the corner. What would you do?"


ANSWER: This is not a suggestion or medical advice stated or implied. This is just what I would do. I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice or prescribe, etc. This is just sharing information about my interests and experience and what I do. (New! You must read before vaccinating; VACCINATION MYTHS)



1.                  RIFE: (MOST POTENT) There is a lot of great information on this suppressed healing tool at RifeTech

Short Review: Rife Energy Medicine---"During the 1920’s and 30’s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife produced some rather astounding accomplishments in medicine and biology. First, he invented a new kind of optical microscope. This microscope could be used to observe viruses in live cells and tissue culture. (see Addendum A on Resources page) Rife built five of these microscopes. Rife never published the plans to his microscope and to this day those in the scientific establishment not familiar with Rife’s work wrongly claim that it is generally impossible to see or identify a virus with any optical microscope. (see Rife Microscope Addendum on Extras page of Rifetech). Rife’s second great accomplishment was to invent a variable frequency flashing light ultrasound source which could kill bacteria, rickettsias, protozoa, fungi, and viruses. By 1939, Dr. Rife had both identified the microbes and light flashing rates ( ultrasound frequencies ) required to kill these microbes, which were associated with fifty-two major diseases, including carcinoma and sarcoma cancers." (From the writings of Physicist Gary Wade) SEE SOME RIFE BENEFITS to see how Rife can work (with little or no side effects) where other modalities cannot do so well.



2.                  Oxygen and Ozone: (MOST POTENT) There is a lot of great information on these suppressed healing tools at OxyTech :


“Ozone therapy was used medically by Nikola Tesla in 1900. It has been in continual use for over 50 years in the U.S. but due to our legal pressures, ozone is presently only widely used in Europe.


When the proper protocols are followed, ozone has been proven effective in the treatment and possibly the elimination of over 40 common diseases….


Ozone therapies are among the safest therapies ever used. One European study of over 5.5 million treatments showed a side effect rate of .0007%, probably among the lowest of any therapy known. Side effects (like fever and weakness) are minor and temporary.”


Source: “OZONE” by K.W. Donsbach, D.C., N.D., Ph.D.

Also, Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) has been used successfully for many years. See Flu Article by Dr. Mercola

Very important, but underrated, "steam sauna and ozone" are incredibly effective in many conditions that defy diagnosis like  MCS, CFS, MS, Arthrits, Lyme disease, etc., as well as being the ideal detoxifier for the body. See Information.



3.                  Silver ionic and/or colloidal: There are many ways of making colloidal and ionic silver. I cannot explain the intricacies in this short space. Suffice it to say that I know cases where the right kind of silver has brought people back from hepatitis C. I know of a shaman that makes “super-silver”, ( it is basically so fine it is mono atomic silver). But he is as hard to find as the proverbial Don Juan in Castanada’s books. There are many grades of silver and you need to do some research if you want to try it. Better nothing than bad stuff. Silver is essentially a heavy metal poison. But, it kills the pathogens as opposed to the human cells which have many more sophisticated defenses. Still, I have been taking colloidal silver for years and it has done me nothing but good (it is now being made available to our clients as a further prevention and protection against ___________________. Of course, we cannot say because that would be giving medical advice. Silver is and has been used for everything from bathing newborn's eyes to a defense against infection for serious burn victims. It was used as a germicide in the Russian space vehicles. Cultures around the world have eaten silver with their food and used it to sterilize their water etc. The Chinese have used it for thousands of years. For more detailed info on this subject, our people have recently prepared a free report and descriptions of various colloidals, including some interesting data on colloidal silver.


4.                  Elderberry extract: (VERY EFFECTIVE) There are very few substances known to man that can be taken to kill viruses. This is one of them. You can read up about it by going to Dr. David Williams site and also ordering the back-issue Newsletter on it. (A Berry Nice Way To Boost Immune Health) See the immune boosters at the bottom of Dr. Williams short article. The best product I know that you can get in the US is "Sambucol". It is easy to get and clinically proven! I don’t know other brands so I cannot recommend them. As always, do your own due diligence.


5.                  Licorice root: The only caveat is that you should know it lowers testosterone levels according to Dr. Williams. If you can find the real thing that has not had the active ingredient taken out by the FDA, then you have a potent weapon against viruses, (Chinese Licorice I have heard is the best).


6.                  Golden Seal Root (formula): This was given to me by Dr. Betty McNabb my original chiropractor. It is very potent indeed. I have cleared up many a condition like a bad cold or the flu with this remedy. You must follow the protocols exactly. You should not take golden seal root (or Echinacea for that matter) for more than 10 days at a time. Also, this is what I did, not what I would recommend. This is not a prescription! That said:


a.      Golden Seal Root (it should be the root and not whole plant for potency) Capsules. Nature’s Plus is good.

b.     Garlic; The best kind is Kyolic. It is active but deodorized. Capsules or pills.

c.      Vitamin C: 1000 milligram pills or capules with bioflavanoids (makes it more potent). Powdered C can also be taken. The more you take the better. If there is diarrhea then reduce the amount a little.

d.     Take 5 of each 3 to 4 times per day with each meal or juice for 7 to 10 days. Can be taken with juice or water if too sick to eat or fasting. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of pure water to flush system and help eliminate toxins.

e.      Note: always try to get standardized herbs if you can. Don’t buy off brands to save money. Don’t scrimp on the water. Used distilled or purified. It is very important.

f.        After you stop taking, make sure you replenish your beneficial colon bacteria by taking some acidophilus, eating yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, etc. The golden seal root is hard on all bacteria even the good ones. But, then, so is penicillin and all the other antibiotics.


7.                  Garlic: This is well known and there is much written. There is plenty of clinical evidence now that our grandmothers were right. It is a powerful blood cleaner, antibiotic, etc. It is worth studying up on. One of its charms is that it kills the bad pathogens and anerobic bacteria without killing the beneficial ones in the intestine.


8.                  Olive Leaf Extract: Get Dr. Morton Walker’s little paperback on this wonderful herb. You will not believe me if I tell you of all its incredible benefits. You can also take it over the long term. There is much clinical evidence that Olive Leaf Extract may be close to a panacea. You be the judge. As with Golden Seal, after you stop taking, make sure you replenish your beneficial colon bacteria by taking some acidophilus, eating yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, etc.


9.                  Vitamin C, last but definitely not least: (MOST POTENT) You should read the best article on Vitamin C by Physicist Gary Wade . It is possibly the most suppressed, most underrated natural healing and curative agent known to man! If you don't mind info overload there are numerous articles by experts at Dr. Robert Cathcart's site.

Also, from Tom Levy, M.D., "Klenner was also able to demonstrate repeatedly that vitamin C appears to be the ideal agent for killing any infecting virus. He repeatedly demonstrated that vitamin C is clearly the optimal choice to neutralize and often help eliminate nearly any toxic chemical or substance capable of poisoning the body, including the toxins associated with several of the infectious diseases. Additionally, you will see how Klenner and many other clinicians and researchers have conclusively shown that vitamin C appears to be the ideal agent for helping in the destruction of most bacteria, fungi, and other microbial agents that continue to afflict mankind." See Review

Do yourself a gigantic favor and read about Vitamin C while you still can get it in quantity. Codex, if it gets its way here in the US will deprive us of getting what we need without a prescription. They already are doing it in Europe. Know your rights and exercise them! The old saying, “Use it or lose it,” may come down to the Bill of Rights someday soon.