Note: In the entire LA library system there are only two books on sauna therapy and none on steam. (In fact, there are none on the therapeutic uses of ozone as far as we can tell. This is very strange, since in Germany, Russia, Cuba, etc., ozone is used by M.D.s all the time to great effect; see Ozone In Medicine.) This is in a land where almost every gym has a sauna and steam room.  Could it be they want to keep the public ignorant of just one more health modality that can cure them?  In Finland there are more saunas than cars. Europeans have known the health benefits of hyperthermia for a long, healthy time.  See “Health Secrets From Europe ” by Pavvo Airola.  May be hard to find but really worth it! Also, see "Sauna Detoxification Therapy" by Marilyn McVicker. Also hard to find but well worth it. (You might want to bookmark this page so you can refer to it often. It contains a wealth of information and links to sources.)

For a great overview, read this brief excerpt from Ed McCabe's new book by from a practitioner in The Finchley Clinic of London England; the benefits to his patients trumpet loudly the incredible value of combining steam sauna and ozone on numerous conditions!


Below is a quote from “Health Secrets from Europe” by Paavo O. Airola, N.D., perhaps one of the greatest pioneers in Alternative Medicine. It seems that again, we Americans are the last to find out about something that most other cultures in the world have known about and benefited from, for thousands of years. This book is from 1972. We know much more now, about how sauna benefits us, especially when combined with ozone, but we still do not see it practiced widely enough.

“In addition to the prophylactic and therapeutic benefits of an artificially raised fever, which a prolonged steam bath always accomplishes, the sauna bath is specifically conducive to profuse therapeutic sweating. Many toxins, accumulated in the system as a result of metabolic wastes and sluggish elimination, are thrown out of the body with perspiration. The skin is our largest eliminative organ, “the third kidney”. The skin should eliminate 30% of the body wastes by way of perspiration. Hundreds of thousands of tiny sweat glands act not only as the regulators of body temperature, but also as small kidneys, detoxifying organs, ready to cleanse the blood and free the system from health-threatening poisons. When the kidneys cannot eliminate the normal quantities of urine due to overwork or a weakened condition, the body tries to eliminate such wastes by way of the skin. Uric acid, a normal compound in urine, is found in large amounts in the perspiration. The chemical analysis of sweat shows that is has almost the same constituents as urine.”

From General Detoxification Requirement--Diagnose Me---"Toxicity is of much greater concern in the twentieth century than ever before. There are many, many chemicals that we are exposed to which did not exist until recently. The air, soil and water are becoming increasingly polluted with them. This exposure, along with the common use of drugs, eating devitalized/refined foods, failing to exercise or drink enough water has resulted in a toxic storehouse within us creating a wide range of symptoms and disease."

For an excellent article on how to stay clear of the 10 most toxic chemicals, and a great general overview of what these things do to us, see Dr. Mercola's article. Of course, we already have hundreds if not thousands of chemicals in our body that just do not belong there. This article will offer a solution to this problem that can be combined with a judicious nutritional program like the one outlined in Joel E. Fuhrman's wonderful book, "Eat To Live", and any other positive life-style changes.


For some good background on Hyperthermia Therapy as it relates to cancer but can be applied more generally, see HYPERTHERMIA  

Tom Cruise Opens Rescue Worker's Detox Clinic A great example of how one aspect of this healing method is being used by some very bright people who are on the cutting edge of alternative medicine progress. Here is a superstar who is aware of the fantastic benefits of sauna technology in detoxing the body. (I am not endorsing the Scientology system, but L. Ron Hubbard's book "Clean Body Clean Mind" is an excellent addition to the library of anyone devoted to cleansing their body of toxins. I must give him credit, since like Paavo Airola, he was one of the first to pioneer some of these methods.)

You can more fully read up on oxygen and ozone medicine at  this site and there are great source books at:

Also, a great intro article is Ozone for the Layman

Ozone has long been the best way to purify and detoxify.  There are so many countless applications now in using ozone or “activated oxygen”,  that I will only give a few so you don get dizzy. These are some of the general industrial grade applications  just to check out, everything from aquaculture to grain treatment.   They don’t make our kind of devices (therapeutic), but it can give you an idea how wide spread the actual applications are.   Notice it says that  ozone  is 3,125 times more germicidal than chlorine”.   Yet, it is just a form of oxygen (O3) and is harmless in small quantities. In fact, it is nature’s way of cleaning up man’s mess. It has recently been discovered that our own cells make small amounts of ozone as they do hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)  which they then use to help in killing invading pathogens and microbes.  Either way it results in the freeing of a very chemically hungry oxygen singlet atom (O1) which then looks to “oxidize” any anaerobic (that which hates oxygen) germ or pathogen!  (See Ozone is not Smog and you should especially see Ozone and Smog., both short but very important and crucial information.  Strange but true, medical practitioners have been using ozone therapy in Germany for 50 years, and Russia and Cuba for 15 years, and in Mexico for….well, you get the idea.)

But you want to get started cleaning out in the meantime. 

Sauna and Steam have long been the premier European ways to cleansing and rejuvenating.  It is a very well kept secret apparently because Americans seem very ignorant of it’s many benefits.  The Swedish people cherish the sauna as do the Finns and Norwegians.  They know its health benefits are priceless.

Simple explanation ---short version


Some poisons/toxins like DDT, Dioxin and others are so toxic to the body that they will not normally come out through the common eliminative channels like urine, breathe, etc. because they are too dangerous to travel through the blood.  The body in its wisdom will store and try to isolate these substances in the body fat, (Lipid tissue is what is commonly referred to as "fat", and is the primary component of the neurological system, brain, neurons, and neurotransmitters. These chemicals have been stored in the organs, tissues, fatty deposits, brain and nervous system, and are not totally dispelled during the normal process of elimination. Source--"Sauna Detoxification Therapy").  When you take a sauna or steam and sweat profusely, these toxins, being close to the skin, are allowed relatively safe passage out of your body without risking damaging important organs or passing the blood/brain barrier, heart, etc.  Thus, many toxins can be partially or completely eliminated this way.  Especially when combined with natural chelating, hydrotherapy, proper diet, etc... (Did you get that? Please read again if you are not completely impressed and pissed off that your doctor never told you.  Well, there is more money in chelation, surgery, etc.)


When the above is properly combined with ozone therapy you get a powerful synergy.  The heat opens the sweat glands and offers easy passage of the toxins out and the ozone into the body.  This infusion of activated oxygen has been shown to be very effective in killing germs and breaking down complex chemicals pollutants like pesticides (even Agent Orange to some degree –dioxin---this is personal opinion based on the experience of people I know and should not be construed as medical advice.  Always consult with your alternative doctor or complementary practitioner.)  Plus, it makes you feel terrific!  Actually, ozone breaks down almost every known compound and substance over time (except of course the materials we use in our products like Teflon, Kenar,etc.),   which is why they use it to purity the water systems all over the world, e.g. North Hollywood CA.  The healthy body cells have natural anti-oxidant and other defenses which prevent any oxidation of tissues.  Bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. are unable to combat ozone and are oxidized, broken down and eliminated.  (The technical explanation of this is complex and can be found by a study of the referenced materials.)



Some common questions:

Can this ozone hurt oxidize my skin if I stay too long? What if I fall asleep etc?

Well, you should never fall asleep in a sauna anyway. Set the alarm. Too much of anything is not good. However, let’s deal with the very real concern that Ozone could somehow harm your healthy tissues etc. I know that it cannot since I have personal experience over the years using it internally and externally in a variety of ways.  But, you want to know for you. (Note: One important caution is to make sure there is always adequate ventilation in the room. The lungs can be sensitive to 03 and cause excessive coughing if breathed too much or for too long. That is the only proviso. I find it easy to breathe but it is an individual thing. Otherwise, ozone cannot harm healthy tissue. In fact, in Doctors around the world have used it internally in stroke victims to protect from paralysis and memory loss! See the Video “Ozone and Politics” in the Bibliography)


One experiment I did before I felt comfortable using oxygen therapies was to take some food grade hydrogen peroxide (35%) and put it on my hand. Now, you may be aware that H2O2 used to be rocket fuel, (In WW2 the Germans used it in the V2’s).  Anyway, if you put a drop on your palm or finger front it will start to burn and turn white as it oxidizes the dead cells. If, however you put a drop on the back of your hand no such action takes place, assuming you are alive.  The reason is the cells on the back of your hand are alive and have protective mechanisms in the cell walls and the cells on the palm are a dead skin layer.  The singlet oxygen goes after the dead and damaged cells---and in Nature; this is its job, i.e. to clean up! (Don’t forget to wash off that hand. Don’t rub your eyes. One has to be very careful with peroxide at that strength. NEVER use this strength. It must be diluted to 3%. The average store bought variety is only 3%. Ozone, on the other hand (pardon the pun), is nowhere near caustic. In fact, I have taken 3% ozone and 97% oxygen into my body in fairly large amounts for years. The only thing it did was make me feel great and get rid of the flu or whatever was bothering me with no side effects!!!)


Just so, singlet oxygen in your body goes after and combines with the inferior, dying, infected, tumorous, etc. tissue. It goes after the bacteria (anaerobic), viruses, parasites, etc. because they do not have a way to protect themselves as healthy mammal cells do.  It also goes after and breaks down long chain molecules that do not belong in your body like pesticides and other poisons and helps to eliminate them. Again, that is its job in nature. This has a scientific basis and can be researched. See Bibl. Ozone In Medicine. Ozonia—water purifiers.



Another way to see it is, ozone is present in the atmosphere to some degree, and is very prevalent after a thunderstorm. That is why the air smells fresh and clean. The ocean produces a similar phenomenon in the form of negative oxygen ions.  They make us feel good.  These air cleaners they advertise now that can take away the smell of ammonia in seconds are actually producing ozone in small quantities. They don’t mention ozone because people have been brain washed to think ozone is smog.  But, the Pentagon used these very ozone generators to clean the terrible smoke smell out after 9/11.  If it is good enough for the goose it should be good enough for the gander, eh?

Whatever you do, please read this great article by Jill Neimark with Byron White, N.D. especially the paragraphs on sauna and ozone; Healing Chronic Illness at Home: Oxygen, Ozone, Sauna and Detoxification for Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and MCS at also "Lyme Disease Therapies" For some specific information.

Is there any clinical evidence that thermal therapies such as sauna and steam actually pull toxins out of the body?

MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)

This is a quote from a fairly hard-to-find book. There need to be more reference materials on this very important therapy. It is recognized and used outside the USA. It is really needed inside the USA. Our opinion is that sauna is good, steam is better. Steam is good, but steam with ozone is great. We are looking to get rid of pathogens as well as detoxify. Why not have it all?


“Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a growing medical threat. The National Academy of Sciences reports that about 15% of the United States population suffers upon exposure to chemicals, which can include everything from factory emissions to common household products. As MCS becomes more widely acknowledged, researchers are exploring treatment options. Among the most promising is sauna detoxification therapy……

Toxic chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pesticides can be found in all parts of the body. These chemicals have been stored in the organs, tissues, fatty deposits, brain and nervous system, and are not totally dispelled during the normal processes of elimination.


Lipid tissue is located in organs throughout the body, and has been found to have a particular ability to store toxic chemicals. Lipid tissue comprises what we commonly refer to as “fat”, and is the primary component of the neurological system, brain, neurons, and neurotransmitters.


The aim of chemical detoxification is to remove the stores of toxic chemicals from the lipid tissue of the body. There has been a wealth of research proving the validity of sauna detoxification for those injured or contaminated with lipophilic chemicals.”

Source: “Sauna Detoxification Therapy: A Guide for the Chemically Sensitive” by Marilyn McVicker (McFarland & Co. Pub.)

I get terrible headaches and my doctor says there can be hundreds of causes. Will this steam ozone help my headaches?


This is from one of the best books ever written on health by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

"The evidence now illustrates the similarities between migraine and other types of headaches rather than the differences. The major cause of both tension headaches and migraines is the retention of toxins or tissue irritants within the central nervous system. These chemical irritants may cause an oversensitivity of nerve tissues to other stimuli."

From "Fasting And Eating For Health"