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Mark G. Lester, The Finchley Clinic, England---“I am a holistic therapist in


who has been working with Ozone Therapy for the last three years.  I first took an interest in Ozone Therapy after my mother’s death from cancer in 1997.  Inspired by the work of Ed McCabe and a number of patients I spoke to;  I decided to introduce the therapy to my clinic. The decision to buy an ozone generator and steam bath was sealed after I spoke to a man in Texas who had cured himself of cancer (lymphoma) using this method.

“My results were spectacular from day one.  My first patient was a lady with shingles whose sores dramatically improved after one session (and subsequently disappeared altogether after some more sessions).


“Very soon after that I started getting a lot of inquiries about chronic fatigue syndrome and M.E. and this is where the ozone steam sauna method really shines.  It is also very effective for those not suffering with M.E. but who are run down and lacking vitality generally.  I found that the vast majority of people who five the therapy enough time would improve tremendously, reporting increased energy levels and overall well-being with 4-to-8 weeks of weekly treatment.  Many were in effect cured.  Others were not “cured” but did improve beyond recognition.........


“Although Ozone Therapy does help with many diseases such as chronic fatigue (CFS) mentioned before, I prefer to see it as a method of detoxifying the body rather than as a medicine for any specific disease.  Therefore, any problems caused by toxicity will respond.  One very obvious area where I have found the ozone steam sauna highly beneficial is silicon poisoning from artificial breast implants.......


“...........I believe the main thing is to get the ozone into the body by any means.  However, I am willing to say that I have found the stream sauna method very effective and useful to my patients.


“Insufflations are also used (vaginal, ear and rectal), where necessary in my clinic.  However the steam sauna method has the advantage of hyperthermia at the same time.  To quote from my website, “During a fever, the functioning of the immune system is stimulated, while the growth of bacteria and virus is forced to slow down.”


“.............My experience is that the combination of hyperthermia and ozone at the same time works very well indeed, and is a lot cheaper for patients than autohemotherapy or direct IV as the majority of therapists are not medical doctors and do not demand such high fees.


“Skin diseases are another area where the steam sauna method really shines.  Because the ozone can work directly on the skin to heal the lesions and detoxifies the body at the same time, my experience is that conditions such as eczema and psoriasis improve very fast.  People usually notice the severity reducing within about three sessions......


“Arthritis is another ailment that I have seen the ozone steam sauna help enormously.  I have seen people who struggle to walk up my stairs bounding up, pain free, within a few sessions.


“M.S. is a disease where heat is supposed to be potentially harmful.  I am sure this is true, but I have found many times that the benefits of the steamed ozone clearly outweigh the harm of high heat levels.  I have used the steam sauna a number of times with MS patients and always found that the patients report greater energy and mobility with no untoward effects. (in cases with this disease, I do start cautiously with the heat in the early sessions however).


“Finally, many people comment  on the emotional benefits.  A lot of people have reported to me that depression has been alleviated (without the need to spend thousands of pounds talking about their relationship with their mother!)  I have two theories about this.   I believe either it is because once the body is detoxed the brain functions better.  The second is that once the body (and brain especially) finally have that which has been lacking for so long ---sufficient oxygen---there is a mental lifting and depression improves.  It is also a great stress reliever.  No doubt this is partly due to the oxidizing effects of ozone upon adrenaline.  However it is also due to the relaxing effect that hear has generally, one of the reasons why Turkish steam baths are so enjoyable.”