Quit smoking quickly, easily, painlessly and permanently the natural way.


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This is not a long drawn out method that entails complicated instructions and a million different things you must do to make it work. Those systems break down. Also, if you use a chemical crutch to quit, you get addicted to the crutch. They never tell you how many smokers go back to cigarettes because they never really "kill" that nicotine craving. The simpler a design is the fewer things can go wrong; so KISS, keep it simple son.


I did this once before several years ago. I wrote a book and no one cared. I built it and no one came. I gave it away. Unfortunately, people must believe if it is free that is has no value. When they invest something, they put value on it. You have to feel that you have earned the right to stop smoking. The more you invest, the more you will be committed to following through with action.


This is for those of you who are actually ready to stop smoking and are sincerely searching for the best way to do it. Now, that you realize you HAVE TO STOP, I just need to give you the method. No more flowery words. Just the facts. It is not magic. It is simple and direct and anyone can do it. When you are ready to really stop that filthy, nasty, killer habit, then step right up. (See Report from WebMD about dangers to teenagers.)


If you are unsure why you want to quit smoking, then go somewhere else for all the benefits. There are tons of sites on the Internet that offer a library of information on the medical and other reasons you should quit if you have even half a brain. If you need motivation, well, I don’t want to write another book or hold your hand. All this is available in books and on the web for free. They just do not know or care for the ultimate method. Come back when you realize you have to quit ASAP!


Do not wait till you have cancer or emphysema. Trust me, it is horrible. It is a slow, painful way to die. Why do you believe you deserve to suffer so? There is plenty of medical info if you are not motivated yet. That is not my mission. Remember, I wrote a book and it did not sell. I gave seminars for donations and very few even came. Now, twenty years later, I wonder what kind of condition they are in. I am running and healthy and over 60. Secret: you cannot quit unless you want to and if you want to, any method will work eventually. It is just that my method is the very best of all. It is King because it is natural, safe, easy, painless and permanent!!! (The truth is, very few really want to quit! They give lip service but when it really comes to it, they will come up with a thousand excuses. Why? Because they are addicts and they know it. They fear that if they try and fail, it will show the world that they have no will power. So they procrastinate. And they wind up sick and dead. Be one of the few not one of the many. There are over 50 million smokers in the US alone. I don’t expect to reach very many---just make it you.)


Now, for those who are really ready and want to quit I will tell you how. But there is a price. I used to give this away and no one put any value on it. They must have thought, if this is free it must be worth nothing.


Well now it is not free. It will cost you a donation of fifty dollars USD, to help me carry on the work. Cheap when you think of what a carton of cigarettes costs $34 to $50 (depending on where you buy them) and how much you spend per year. You can do the math. That’s it. No money back guarantee either. There are too many welchers out there who want something for nothing *.


If you really want to quit, I will tell you exactly how. It is based on a method that was used to help a soldier get off opium in 30 days with no withdrawal at all!! Now, they say cigarettes are more addictive than heroin, but even then, this method works like a charm. And who started that rumor anyway? I am betting it was those ingenious little demons that work PR for the tobacco industry. Convince people it is too hard to give up and they will be afraid to try! Another lie they have made you believe. (The other lie is the one you tell yourself, “I can quit anytime I want, I just don’t want to yet.” That is a pure lie direct from the terror zone deep down, that if you try, you will fail and then really feel helpless. Don’t fall for this fear demon. This method works without the usual suffering of going through cold turkey! And, it is natural.)


Like I said, I wrote a book once. Now, it is pure and simple. You get the simple, easy, painless, healthy method I used to stop smoking years ago, and I get paid $50.00. (The Schick Center used to charge several hundred dollars years ago and all they did what give you a shock when you tried to light up.) This is a whole lot easier and it is more permanent. You will LOSE THE PHYSICAL NEED TO SMOKE. Fifty bucks is what I charge per hour as a consultant, so it is fair. Since very few of you will actually want to stop smoking enough to try this, I will not make enough money to justify any complicated, longwinded explanation. You will just get the basic instructions, which is all you need. I think it is cheap because a year from now, it may be plagiarized and all over the Internet just like everything else, and costing ten times more under another name!! This sort of thing has happened to me before so I know. Do you want to wait that long for your lungs to start cleaning themselves? Do you want to get cancer in the meantime?


Every time you smoke a cigarette, the sulfur dioxide in it paralyses the cilia in your lungs, the little waving things that pass particles out of your lungs. That is why, smoking a cigarette sometimes will quiet a smokers cough. The cough is your body trying to get that crap out! There are over 2200 chemicals in a cigarette according to the Surgeon General Dr. Koop, whom I met, many years back. Most of these trace substances are hazardous, toxic poisons according to the FDA. They add up over time. Why, you may ask then does the FDA allow this? Because, strangely enough, the FDA has little or no authority over the tobacco industry, although they seem to stick their noses into everything else! How ironic.


With this instruction for a mere $50.00, I will give one free consultation by email. I will not answer medical questions as this is for your doctor. I can only offer Shaman advice etc. However, there is no condition I know of that would contraindicate this method. It is natural and easy on the body.


I offer phone consultation with email follow-up instructions for the advanced detoxification and other extra helpful techniques for $50.00 dollars per hour in advance through Paypal. However, you do not really need this unless you are really toxic. And if you are, then why are you still smoking for God’s sake? Anyway, this is the deal. I have been in alternative health for many years, and I know what I am talking about. You will see. You will succeed. It is too easy and that is why no one tells you how. All these systems for stopping smoking are just like every other healing system in America…to make money, not to cure you. It is symptom suppression. Trade one addiction for another; Cigarette for patch or gum etc. The American health care system is not cure based so never expect that from them. “Cure a disease, lose a customer.” To cure any disease is to lose a revenue stream that goes on forever. No one is very motivated to do this. All these organizations that yell and scream for money to find a “cure” would be out of business overnight if a cure was ever found. So, they make sure no cures are found.


If you want the “cure for smoking”, here it is. This will set you free period. Now it is up to you.




Shaman Jim





* If you just cannot afford this small amount or you think it is just too expensive, then I have a solution for you. Get a few smoker friends together who actually want to quit, and get them to divide it up among you. Get five people and you have ten dollars each. You can even help support each other which helps, as AA has proved over the years. As promised, get it now for a mere $25.00 for New Year's. Now, you have one less excuse; but keep trying.




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If you must pay by check or money order (not advised), expect a delay while it is cleared. Then you will get a special code to access the locked pages on the Internet. You still need to send me the email. You can then download and or print it out. Through Paypal, you will get it right away within 24 hours. Paypal is easy to join and is worth it over time to protect you when purchasing on the Internet.


If you have no computer and want a hard copy mailed to you, I can do this. Again, you will have to e-mail your address information to me and I will send it to you by snail mail. Expect the process to take a week or two plus the time it takes for any check that might have to clear.

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