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Many times, fast healing can be obstructed by opportunistic, localized infections that are either resistant or hard to access with conventional drugs and therapies. Several alternative therapies offer immense benefits that could put one group or team way ahead of the others when it comes to accelerated healing of injuries.

We will deal with several here, with a focus on oxygen and ozone medicine, with subsequent articles delving into other effective treatments such as static and pulsed magnetic therapy, rife frequency therapy, dietary aids, herbal and other supplements that assist and expedite the natural healing process.

I If you are an athelete, trainer, coach or just a weekend sports warrior, you need to know about this. Using surgery and drugs to heal injuries is old fashioned and not that effective. There are some serious side effects and it takes you out of the game too long.

There are alternatives to these crude methods and when they are necessary due to the extreme nature of the injurty, there are ways to expedite the healing with the absolute minumum of side effects or permanent damage. In other words, there is a 21st century method of healing sports injuries that is effective, inexpensive and more permanent.

The use of ozone medicine is almost unheard of In this country except for a few brave and forward looking professionals. It has been routinely utilized in Germany, Russia, Mexico and even Cuba for many years. There are over 4000 physicians in Germany who use it. It has been used for everything from neutralizing the effects of strokes to the eradication of HIV in the patients blood! If you think this is hokum then you need to do some honest research into the uses of oxygen medicine around the world. Asking your doctor, unless they are trained in alternative medicine and very well informed, will be a waste of time. Experts live in tightly sealed boxes. Their very expertise many times keeps them from being able to even see other more effective strategies, unless such are santioned by their sources of information, e.g. medical journals, universities, AMA, FDA, peer review boards, etc. More importantly, there are stringent obstacles to practicing these alternative therapies which make it somewhat dangerous for doctors, especially M.D.s and Chiropractors to even consider them. Chiropractors are routinely warned in school about using certain unsanctioned treatments or even discussing them with their patients! M.D.s simple are not taught anything about them and the format of their basic training is not conducive to prevention or alternative therapies that work. Theirs, is a symptom suppression training as it is obvious that cures as such are bad for repeat business. Some brave doctors do use these underground therapies but generally will not admit it.

Some forms of oxygen therapy are better known than others, e.g. hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Most people are familiar with the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen and so have a least a basis with which to understand the more potent forms of oxygen therapy.

Ozone is many times more effective because of the tri-atomic state of the oxyen atom which is highly excited and contains a great deal of healing energy. Ozone has the unique ability to not only kill every pathogen known to man but also to reduce most toxins, poisons, etc. to harmless breakdown chemicals. For this reason, it is used in hundreds of water treatment facitliies around the world, including Los Angeles, CA. The only reason harsh poisons like chlorine are even used is that ozone has a very fast halflife, i.e. it breaks down in minutes, depending on the temperature, and somehting like chlorine is required to keep the water clean as it travels through the vast array of pipes to your kitchen sink.

But the message is clear. Ozone is amazing. The effects are so vast and so incredible that it would take a large volume to catalogue the positive effects it has on the body. After all, it is super oxygen. It has gotten a bad rap from the media parroting vested interests to the effect that it is smog. These are propoganda and bald faced lies. Ozone is natural and is Nature’s effort to reduce smog chemically. It is not a product of emissions but is scapegoated constantly on the evening news everytime an uninformed weatherman refers to the ozone index as being pollution. It has been proven that even our cells produce small amounts of ozone and H2O2 which allow for the production of O1, one of the most powerful and energetic ions known.

Ozone can and does help heal any injury very fast. The mechanism of this super therapeutic effect might be unknown exactly, but it is partially due to the fact that it kills any opportunistic infections that might inhibit the body’s healing efforts. Also, it is evident what super oxygenating the body can do for the healing of any injury as is evidenced by the proverbial oxygen mask in medicine. Atheletes do not need to be told about the need to breathe oxygen on the playing field at times when they are depleted.

It is becoming common knowledge that the oxygen levels in any big city are pathetically low while the smog levels are dangerously high. Just as most people are dehydrated, many times in local body areas, so, most people are starved for oxygen and their cells are hungry for it all the time. Otto Warburg won the nobel prize in the 1930’s for proving that cancer cells cannot live in oxygen! He won two nobel prizes in fact. Many diseases blossom when the body is starved for oxygen. This is due to the fact that most disease pathogens that assail man are anaerobic, that is they cannot live in oxygen. They have another mode of living that permists them to survive and thrive in any biological terrain that is deficient in oxygen! It would seem elementary logic then to conclude that suppling more oxygen to the body would only help the cells. This has been demonstrated for over 100 years and the scientific evidence for it is overwhelming.

Perhaps the most important fact you should take away from this is this:

Ozone Therapy is Safest Known Therapy

“Ozone has been found to be an extremely safe medical therapy, free from side effects. In a 1980 study done by the German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy, 644 therapists were polled regarding their 384,775 patients, comprising a total of 5,579,238 ozone treatments administered. There were only 40 cases of side effects noted out of this number which represents the incredibly low rate of .000007%, and only four fatalities. Ozone has thus proven to be the safest medical therapy ever devised.”

The Story of Ozone

How does this compare with the numberous and toxic side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and surgery of all kinds? Truly, medicine is becoming if not already, the number cause of death in this country (USA).

See adverse drug reactions and Death by Medicine.

The bottom line is the body loves and craves oxygen and ozone is a super energetic form of oxygen. It breaks down from O3 into one super active form of singlet oxygen which goes after all culprits in the body and a more stable but still very active O2 molecule of oxygen. Part of this O2 is metastable oxygen which is very healing in its own right, yeilding up a special type of infrared photonic energy as it breaks down. For more on this see: Synergistic Energy Medicine by Physicist and Inventor, Gary Wade.

What are the various ways to get oxgyen and ozone into the body most effectively? For this, I would recommend a few articles that are an easy and quick read, by doctors and experts who are better versed than I. I know from my own experience and from those I have seen treated that this is one of the three most effective therapies that I know of after a lifetime of research into alternative medicine and health!

Obviously, this is not a clinical paper and there are laws against recommending medical treatments. Thus, consider this a general disclaimer: I am simply relating certain facts that are generaly available to check for yourself. For complete information on these therapies, there are multiple papers by various doctors and other researchers several of which I will mention at the conclusion of this article. My aim is not to educate you or convince you, but to stimulate your search into the vast array of information and equipment that are available for you as an athelete or anyone who desires superior health and fitness, healing and longevity.

The basic concept again is rather simple. By introducing medical grade ozone into the body properly, infections are eliminated, thus allowing the body to heal. Ozone kills every pathogen known to man while not harming normal, healthy tissue. Out of millions of administrations, there were only .000007% adverse reactions; compared with conventional medicine this is like zero in comparison.

If you have any doubt at all about how dangerous orthodox drugs and surgical procedures are becoming, see this from Death by Medicine:

“The enumerating of unnecessary medical events is very important in our analysis. Any medical procedure that is invasive and not necessary must be considered as part of the larger iatrogenic picture. Unfortunately, cause and effect go unmonitored. The figures on unnecessary events represent people (patients) who are thrust into a dangerous healthcare system. They are helpless victims. Each one of these 16.4 million lives is being affected in a way that could have a fatal consequence. Simply entering a hospital could result in the following:

In 16.4 million people, 2.1% chance of a serious adverse drug reaction, (186,000).

In 16.4 million people, 5-6% chance of acquiring a nosocomial infection, (489,500).

In16.4 million people, 4-36% chance of having an iatrogenic injury in hospital (medical error and adverse drug reactions) (1.78 million).

In 16.4 million people, 17% chance of a procedure error (1.3 million).

All the statistics above represent a one-year time span. Imagine the numbers over a ten-year period. Working with the most conservative figures from our statistics we project the following 10-year death rates.” More follows at: Death by Medicine

On the other hand, the simaltaneous additional introduction of a small amount of ozone and plentiful oxygen into the body (the proportion is normally 3-5% ozone to pure oxygen), kills pathogens harmful to mammals, assists the oxidation and disposal of toxins and wastes, as well as the rebuilding of tissue. The biochemical elements of this process are too complex for this article. You can find a great deal of this data in: Ozone in Medicine although out of print, other like books are listed and available. You can also find information at the International Ozone Association site.