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There are numerous oxygen based products that work well.  They are all based on the principle that oxygen oxidizes and that active oxygen or ozone, super oxidizes.  Ozone and hydrogen peroxide both offer up a singlet oxygen atom or O1 that goes after the culprits, be they germ or toxin, fungus or yeast.  It kills them all and is yet harmless in moderate quantities to healthy tissue!   All these products have this one thing in common.  Why not go directly to the active ingredient and produce as much as you need whenever you need it?  The ozone generator provides unlimited ozone to accomplish all your goals:



GET RID OF MOLD  -- You can use ozone like the pros do, to clean up and get rid of mold inside your house, in the walls etc.  Just be careful, if you run the ozone continuously, to remember that ozone eats organic material.  Eventually, it will eat away wood, natural rubber etc.  Of course, it will kill and destroy the mold much faster, but you need to monitor it everyday.  When the mold is dead, let it run for another 48 hours or so and then stop!


This is a very good solution if you have mold, fungus, rot, etc. in your walls etc. and you cannot afford the professional ozone treatment which may cost thousands of dollars.  It will just take longer.  Our high grade machine puts out a lot of ozone, but it may take several weeks of monitored running to clean up your problems.  It is a known fact that ozone kills mold, but since the rest of your individual situation is unique, it is up to you to judge how long to run the ozone. For an industrial application as illustration see PDF Article



GET RID OF FUNGUS -- If you are plagued with foot or toe fungus you may find ozone is the solution at long last.  You can run the gas over the feet or you can ozonate water and soak your feet.  You can also prepare ozonated olive oil (PAGE 259  FLOOD YOUR BODY WITH OXYGEN) and rub in on your feet.  Why not try all three?


PURIFY YOUR WATER -- Hundreds of municipalities and companies around the world have used ozone for years to clean and purify their water. (see Industrial Applications)  The only reason townships put chlorine into the water is because it has to travel through pipes and ozone breaks down in time, (at normal temperature, ozone has a half life of 20 to 30 minutes).   But you can purity your water and it also tastes great. It is like having your own Oxygen Bar in your home.  Just run the ozone into the water for a few minutes and enjoy! See Air and Water Purifier 


This also makes a great mouth rinse.  Ozonate the water for 10 minutes and then use as mouthwash.  Swish it around the mouth and then swallow.  The ozone will kill germs and refresh you.  Some will travel into the gums and help fight periodontal disease etc.


One of the best ways to get ozone and oxygen into your body is to drink it!  It is best to drink on an empty stomach, i.e. one half hour before eating or 2 ˝ hours after eating. 



MAKE OZONATED OLIVE OIL --  We are sending a free copy of FLOOD YOUR BODY WITH OXYGEN by Ed McCabe with every generator while the supply lasts!  On page 259 the process of how to make this is explained etc.  We have known many skin conditions to clear up very nicely by applying this oil to the skin.



CLEAN AND PURIFY THE AIROf course the best known application of ozone is cleaning the air in your house or office etc.  there are many machines that do this and are very good.  You can also use our generator to do this although it is not meant for constant use because it does not have a sensor or a timer. But, you can turn it on for an hour or two and clean the whole house of bad smells, cigarette smoke, cooking smells etc. Plus you will be getting all that good active oxygen to breathe as well. 

Our units put out so much ozone that they only need to be used for short durations. You may have heard the radio commercials about the ion generators they used to clean the air at the Pentagon after 911. These put out very small amounts of ozone and even these are very effective if used continuously. The point is, whether it is introduced fast or more slowly, the ozone is the active element that precipitates foul odors, smoke, toxins, etc. out of the air just like in Nature.  This goes nicely with our exclusive OE unit.



GET RID OF SHOE SMELLS  Put the ozone outlet hose right in the shoe for a few minutes.  Where did that smell go?  The same place the germs went.  You are not just covering over the smell like with most commercial products; you are actually killing the germs that cause the odor as well!



FRESHEN UP SMELLY CLOTHES   I find if I have to wear a shirt that smells a bit under the arms, I can freshen it up in just two minutes with a blast of ozone air.  This does not mean you can stop washing your clothes, but it helps in a pinch!



GET RID OF SMOKE SMELLS – This may be one of the most unique apps.  Many commercial concerns use ozone to clean up the smoke smell from furniture and clothes that have been in or near a fire.  You can hang the clothes in a heavy garbage bag and run the ozone outlet tube into the tied off bag for an hour or so.  See how it works. Some may need more or less time. Check often because some clothes will decompose with the ozone. But the smoke smell should go first.  Just  be careful not to leave in too long. Or, you can try this spiffy little device; see Wonderizer



CLEANSE AND STERILIZE CUTS AND WOUNDS** –Of course, you always want to check with your doctor if you get any deep cuts or wounds. But, in the interim, you can use ozone just as you would hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) but with less chance of burning and hurting. Run the pure ozone on the wound or cut for a few minutes.  If the cut is deep or bleeding profusely do not use ozone or peroxide since it will make clotting difficult for a while.  Use pressure and get medical attention. (If you have to, one trick that can stop bleeding on a nasty wound until you get to a doctor etc. is to use crazy glue. Push the skin together and put cover cut line with crazy glue and wait to dry. This is only a temporary fix.) 



THERAPEUTIC APPLICATIONS – The medical applications are many. We cannot prescribe or give medical advice. However, we do offer a free copy of Ed McCabe's incredible book on Ozone (while supply lasts) which, if read carefully, will answer almost any question you might have on the proper medical applications of ozone and oxygen therapies   We do give some protocols with our “special package” that refer to our particular application of steam sauna ozone for general detox and fighting pathogens. For excellent explanation see: "A Therapist's Experience With Steam Ozone Therapy"




*Always remember to monitor this device.  Whatever the application, it is your responsibility to watch and time the application. Never leave the device running unless it is for a wide spread application like getting rid of mold or purifying the water in your hot tub, (these applications require specially built industrial strenth generators). Even then you should employ a timer which you can buy at any hardware store.  When using for short periods like cleaning shoes or air inside, always supervise and keep away from children. This is not a toy.  You are responsible for making sure this device is placed in a safe place.   When is  run inside the hours there should be plenty of fresh air circulating for people to breath. This device does not make oxygen, it only activates it.  Therefore, you still have to introduce oxygen in the form of fresh air in order for it to work properly and for you to breath etc.  Please be responsible.


**DISCLAIMER:  To reiterate; we are not doctors and can give not medical advice. These are simple suggestions for experimental applications based on our own humble opinions and what we do ourselves.  They should not be construed as medical advice.








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