Ozone is not smog, really!


SOURCE:  Why Is Ozone Associated With Smog?

Is Ozone Really the Culprit? 

The so-called "ground level ozone" (called this to differentiate it from ozone in the upper atmosphere - the "ozone layer") that is said to be the "main culprit" in smog is really a collection hydrocarbons - CO˛ CO, and SO˛  - that react with UV rays from the sun to form nitric oxides (NOX), halogenated by-products, and lead and sulfur compounds. These composites do indeed cause offensive odors, aggravate respiratory problems and burn eyes. But it is NOT the ozone that is the true villain. Ozone naturally forms not as a true component of smog but, more accurately, as a means of eliminating it. As the level of VOCs and particulate rises in the air, the ozone level rises as Nature herself tries to clean up man's mess!

If you remove the manmade components of smog - the VOCs and industrial particulates - then you simply have a natural process where the ozone and nitrogen dioxide are normalized to safe and healthy levels. When you add a large amount of man-made hydrocarbons to the equation, then the amounts of nitrogen dioxide and ozone are artificially increased.

The main reason that ozone gets the label of "Public Enemy Number One" is that while man-made hydrocarbons are very complex and as such quite difficult to measure, ozone is very easy to accurately measure. Consequently, ozone has long been used as an indicator for the severity or presence of smog because as the levels of the true components of smog rise, so does the level of ozone. 

By conveniently placing the onus on ozone, government and industry are effectively relieved of the responsibility for the millions of pounds of toxins released into the air every year. Rather than taking steps to control the real culprit, we are actually allowing our government to shoot the messenger - good guy ozone.

The Real Culprit

Ozone's beneficial role in smog reduction is its ability to break down and oxidize hydrocarbons and particulates in the air. One of the most powerful oxidants known, ozone actually burns (through a microscopic chemical reaction akin to an explosion) and destroys particulate with which it comes in contact. Ozone is unstable and highly reactive, and as such it readily seeks out molecules of particulate and gas with which to chemically react in an effort to break up the oxygen triplet - O3 - and return to its natural state: O2, or oxygen.

However, in the process of breaking down man-made hydrocarbons in particular, the result is the production of elements that combine to produce additional ozone and nitrogen dioxide, above and beyond what is produced naturally. Even though hydrocarbons are quickly being broken down by the ozone, the sheer volume of these pollutants that is produced by our highly-industrialized society is almost insurmountable. In our cities and industrial areas, where there is an extremely high level of hydrocarbons in the air, nature simply cannot keep up without overcompensating.

By itself, ozone is a natural purification agent used in a variety of ways for this purpose both by nature and by humans. At reasonable levels it is not at all unhealthy, and due to ozone's reactive and unstable nature it is very, very rare for ozone levels to become excessive under natural or normal circumstances. Conversely, man-made hydrocarbons are completely unhealthy at any level and under any circumstance. Common sense dictates that black, sooty smoke coming from an automobile exhaust or smokestack can only be harmful to your health.

Hydrocarbons do occur naturally in the air, as does the ozone that helps to break them down without reaching dangerous or unnatural concentrations. When excessive amounts of hydrocarbons are produced, largely man-made, you will get high ozone concentrations as a natural reaction to an unnatural situation. Rarely do less-populated areas experience smog and ozone problems, even though ozone is naturally produced the same way and in similar quantities in big and small cities alike. 



Source:  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation, Bureau of Economic Analysis and Census Bureau

Smog is formed when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted from a variety of sources combine to form ozone. The formation of ozone from VOCs and NOx is accelerated by sunlight and heat, thus making smog more pervasive during warm weather months. In California, VOCs and NOx are emitted from numerous sources including cars, trucks and buses, power plants, industrial facilities, aviation, agriculture, small engines such as lawn mowers and the use of solvents and other chemicals.

(ED. Here, the EPA is sneakily implying that smog is equivalent to ozone, redefing the term in the worst Orwellian way.  Then they get their media whores to repeat it over and over in news reports etc., and, as any good propagandist knows, a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth to most people.  These  Madison avenue techniques are topped with a good portion of Nazi and Communist brain washing methods.  The American people are being programmed into slavery and death.  (Ozone has been used around the world for over 50 years to cure many so-called “incurable” conditions that are repressed in the USA!! Amazing but true.)


Note also, that the NOx and VOCs, which are the real cuprits, are downplayed and trivialized as causative agents in preference to making ozone the bad guy.  This is a good example of how words are twisted and ideas distorted to hide the truth and accelerarate the agenda of the vested interests who are enslaving us. More importantly, it is not true.  Ozone is not produced this way. It is a grey lie that weak-minded scientists use to serve their masters. Ozone is Natures way of trying to neutralize these toxic compounds by oxidizing them.  Part of the ozone in catalytic action returns to its O3 state.  But then, this is typical of the assault on the American people through attacking the natural defenses of Nature as bad and repressing symptons as good. The actual cause sneaks away like a snake to strike again in the darkness of ignorance.  Shine a light before it is too late!)



If smog is so bad why don’t we blame the oil companies?  SEE GRAPH


The real problem seems to be the NOx compounds as you can see.  Ozone is a byproduct not the cause.

The Chemistry of Photochemical Smog  


It really becomes evident that NO, NO2 and CO are some of the real cuprits when you see

How We Model Smog Photochemistry



This is importantJ…….

The reaction between oxygen and NO is so slow under ambient atmospheric conditions ([NO] < 50 ppbv) that oxidation by ozone dominates. If this occurs there is no net production of ozone.

         NO + O3 ---> NO2 + O2

Other oxidants present in the unpolluted troposphere (OH, OOH) can oxidize NO (e.g., NO + OOH ---> NO2 + OH). In the absence of volatile organic compounds, OH and OOH primarily derive from photochemical reactions of ozone (e.g., O3 + sunlight ---> O2 + O and then O + H2O ---> 2 OH). When NO is reoxidized by ozone (or an oxidant immediately derived from it), there is no net ozone production. Only when NO is reoxidized with oxidants other than ozone or its immediate products is there a net increase in tropospheric ozone levels.

Source:  Urban Smog And Reaction Mechanisms