SERVICE:   We stand behind our work and are very service-oriented as you may have noticed when you call or e-mail us.  We return your calls and spend time helping you.  We are proud of our service and our products.

       SUPERIOR PRODUCT:   Individually hand crafted in the USA; We do not manufacture these machines on an assembly line, but rather construct them one by one under a  “commissioning agreement”  to comply with federal laws. This is important, because, if others do not demand such, they are putting you in jeopardy. 

       ELEGANT DESIGN:  Fewer moving parts, simplified circuitry, and best materials available means less or even no maintenance.  With proper care, your unit will last years. If something ever does go wrong, again, we pride ourselves on our customer care.

       ECONOMICAL AND POWER EFFICIENT:  Light weight, very low power consumption. Yet, our units produce a very high percentage of what you are looking for.  If you are looking for just a typical air cleaner, there are other models on the market. If you are looking for something more special that you cannot buy just anywhere, (you should know what we mean), then, we think we have the best all-round machines and packages around even for a lot more money. (A little shopping around will demonstrate how well we compare, and how direct and easy to understand our message is.  You might want to bookmark us if you do, because you can get lost in the maze of information, i.e. beating around the bush!)


       NO FRILLS:   With no useless, redundant, or cosmetic features, we can keep the price low and still give you the ultimate functioning unit.  All our unit does is produce the optimal mixture of oxygen and ozone which is all you need.  It will not make toast or play satellite music for you.  We could build a complex and pretty “Rube Goldberg” machine for you if you want to pay the standard 5K to 40K.  If you work in a lab and need exact measurements for controlled experiments we can build you that too.  However, if you just want the “business end” of the machine to give you what you need, let us construct you one of our models that is just right for you.

       THE BOTTOM LINE:  Even if you pay a bunch more money for a very sleek looking machine, the mechanism that does the job is really very simple indeed. All the other stuff is padding and extra features you may not really require.  If you do, we will tell you so.  We will build it your way.  We just want to let you know the score.

Please read up on the basic articles like the ones below and check out the products. We have one of the best selections of ozone and oxygen therapy articles that is accessible on the internet.  When you have some questions please e-mail or call us.  We look forward to hearing from you.